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6 Surprising Sources Of Asbestos In California Schools

6 Surprising Sources Of Asbestos In California Schools

Asbestos In California Schools

Keep learning environments safe with asbestos testing from M3 Environmental in Monterey. Safe environments are vital for student success, so awareness of the surprising sources of asbestos in California schools can be beneficial to both teachers and parents.

If your neighborhood schools were built before the 1980s, be aware and get professional testing to ensure student health and your peace of mind.

Possible Sources Of Asbestos

Before the dangers of asbestos were known, this naturally occurring mineral was heavily used in construction. This substance is lightweight, strong, resistant to heat, fire, and electricity, as well as inexpensive and plentiful. It was frequently added to products used in various parts of school buildings during construction.

  • Ceiling Tiles, “Popcorn” Ceilings & Textured Paint
  • Vinyl Flooring, Glues & Carpet Backings
  • Wallboard
  • Cement Sheets
  • Ductwork In HVAC Systems
  • Boiler & Pipe Wrap Insulation

The Risks Of Exposure

When products containing asbestos are damaged, worn down, or improperly removed, they can release fibers into the air. Inhaling or ingesting these microscopic fibers can lead to severe health conditions even decades after initial exposure.

Asbestos in schools puts students, teachers, administrators, and other staff at risk.

Limiting Exposure In Schools

Congress passed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) in 1986. As long as asbestos-containing materials remain in good condition, removal is not recommended. However, AHERA requires that public and non-profit schools take steps to protect students and staff from exposure in schools.

  • Inspect for materials that contain asbestos every three years.
  • Prepare and maintain an asbestos management plan.
  • Train a designated person to oversee asbestos work.
  • Take appropriate actions to reduce and prevent asbestos exposures.

The EPA is responsible for conducting inspections for schools in most states, including California. However, due to a lack of funding, only 13 percent of those required inspections are being done.

Asbestos Testing For Schools

With professional inspections available from M3 Environmental, California schools can undergo professional asbestos testing regularly. But which schools might benefit from an inspection?

  • Public, Private & Charter Schools Built Before 1981
  • Schools With Known Asbestos
  • Schools Last Inspected More Than 3 Years Ago
  • Schools With A Missing Or Out-of-Date Management Plan
  • School’s With Recent Or Upcoming Renovation Projects

As a parent or school employee, you have the right to inspect the school’s asbestos management plan. This plan must be made available for inspection within five working days once requested. Schools without a current plan can rely on us to help you put one in place.

Do You Need Professional Testing?

It is impossible to determine if an item contains asbestos simply by looking at or touching it. Professional testing is required and should always take place before removing, demolishing, or renovating older school buildings.

It is also vital that any building undergoing remediation be retested after completion to ensure the exposure risk has been thoroughly eliminated.

Schools Inspections In California

The trained staff at M3 Environmental is here to help keep Monterey, Calfornia area students, and teachers safe with our professional asbestos testing services. Contact us today to schedule your next school safety inspection.