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M3 Environmental Consulting in Monterey, CA offers tips and resources to help you learn more about environmental hazards. Contact us today for more information.  

Asbestos In California Schools

6 Surprising Sources Of Asbestos In California Schools

Keep learning environments safe with asbestos testing from M3 Environmental Consulting in Monterey. Safe environments are vital for student success, so awareness of the surprising sources of asbestos in California schools can be beneficial to both teachers and parents. If your neighborhood schools were built before the 1980s, be aware and get professional testing to […]
Monterey Environmental Consultants

How The Right Environmental Consultant Can Benefit You

Home and business owners around Monterey, CA, can count on M3 Environmental Consulting for all the benefits of professional environmental consulting. With an ever-growing list of potential hazards out there, having the right environmental consultants on your side has advantages for safety, health, and business compliance. Protect your students, employees, and your bottom line with […]
New Carpet VOC Testing

Installing New Carpet? Watch Out For VOCs.

Make sure that beautiful new carpet isn’t polluting the air you breathe with VOC testing by M3 Environmental Consulting in Monterey. Brand new carpeting in your home or business can elevate the look and relaxing atmosphere, but it’s what you don’t see that may end up costing you. What Are VOCs? VOCs, or volatile organic […]
Saltwater Intrusion Testing

Protect Your Drinking Water From Saltwater Intrusion

M3 Environmental Consulting in Monterey, California, provides professional water testing to measure the risk of saltwater encroachment on your fresh drinking water sources. Salt pollution in the city’s fresh groundwater supplies can have devastating ramifications on human health, as well as do extensive structural damage to homes and businesses. The encroachment of sodium chloride into […]
Pregnancy Lead Risks

Pregnancy & Lead: What Are The Risks?

Lead can pose many risks during pregnancy, and M3 Environmental Consulting wants to help Monterey area expectant mothers understand and reduce your chances of lead exposure. Our professional testing services can help you avoid contact that may affect your health negatively and introduce potentially dangerous pregnancy complications. Lead Exposure Matters Lead is a heavy metal […]
Poor Ventilation Testing

Signs Of Poor Home & Building Ventilation

At M3 Environmental Consulting, we want to help Monterey area residents combat mold infestations and indoor air pollution by recognizing the signs of poor home and building ventilation. Poor ventilation can contribute to a host of health problems for families and employees. Let us help you clear the air. Signs Of Inadequate Ventilation As we […]
Asthma Mold Testing

Have Kids With Asthma? Watch Out For Mold.

If your child or other family member is suffering from asthma attacks in and around your Monterey, CA home, consider letting M3 Environmental Consulting check for a hidden mold problem. We specialize in testing and inspections for environmental health hazards in homes, workplaces, and schools. Does Mold Cause Asthma? In sensitive people, including children, who […]
Environmental Inspection Monterey

Environmental Inspections For Property Managers

At M3 Environmental, LLC, we provide comprehensive environmental consulting and inspection services for both residential and commercial property managers in the Monterey, CA, area. We understand that you have a lot on your plate, but keeping your rental house, apartment complex, or office building in clean, environmentally healthy condition should always be a top priority. […]
Office Indoor Air Quality

Poor Air Quality At The Office

There’s no need to put up with the negative effects of poor air quality at the office when M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, California, is just a phone call away. We provide businesses with thorough air quality testing reports so you can pinpoint problems and proactively improve your work environments. Poor Air Quality & Employee […]
Mod Vs. Mildew Testing

Mold Vs. Mildew: Do You Know the Difference?

When it comes to mold and mildew in your California home, M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey wants you to know the difference and why it should matter to you. It is pretty easy to confuse mold and mildew. They are both fungi that thrive in warm damp areas, but there are some key differences between […]
Legionella Water Testing

Protecting Hotel Guests From Legionella

Water quality testing from M3 Environmental LLC can help you protect hotel guests from legionella, and other waterborne illnesses, in the Monterey, CA area. Legionella outbreaks in hotels are reported in several cities each year. News outlets are widely reporting on these issues, causing dips in tourism. The Legionella Bacteria The legionella bacteria is a […]
Children VOC Dangers & Hazards

The Dangers Of VOCs For Children

If you have a family with small children or a kid-centric business in the Monterey, CA area, consider having M3 Environmental LLC test your space for VOC’s. We perform air quality testing, including VOC testing, for the health and safety of everyone, especially children that frequent all types of locations. What Are VOCs? Volatile Organic […]