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Noise & Sound Pollution Testing

Noise & Sound Pollution Testing

Noise &Amp; Sound Pollution

M3 Environmental LLC provides noise and sound pollution testing in Monterey, California. We are a team of experienced property inspectors who serve the needs of clients throughout Northern California, Central California, and the Central Coast. We offer sound pollution testing for industrial or commercial firms, governmental agencies, and smaller residential or business properties.

We not only perform the testing for noise and sound pollution but also provide our clients with a remediation plan as well. This allows us to tell our clients just what’s going on and additionally let them know how the problem needs to be addressed. Noise and sound can cause both physical and psychological damage to the occupants of a building. Don’t put your property’s occupants at risk; call the noise and sound pollution testing experts at M3 Environmental LLC.

What Is Sound Pollution?

Noise pollution includes any unwanted and disturbing sound being created. It is unwanted when the noise interferes with daily activities including conversations, sleep, or disrupts the quality of life in general. Noise pollution is not something you can see or feel. It is only something you can hear. Natural or mechanical sources can cause noise pollution. Noise pollution is particularly common in certain industries, generated from cars, planes, heavy equipment or from places that provide entertainment. These sound waves can interfere significantly with daily work, and that is why it is important to test for noise pollution and to come up with a plan for remediation.

Unwanted Stress & Health Effects

Persistent sources of noise can be considered noise pollution and can be a considerable annoyance or possibly create a health problem. Unwanted noise causes adverse health effects including stress, loss of productivity, high blood pressure, insomnia, and possibly hearing loss. Exposure to constant or loud noises can severely affect your health. It is necessary to keep noise pollution away from workspaces as employees spend many hours working in this environment. It is also important to their productivity and health to ensure that noise pollution does not occur on a consistent basis.

How Is It Tested?

Measuring the acoustics and white noise in an area allows us to detect just how much noise and sound pollution you have in your building. We test noise levels that may not be easily detected by the ear with a unique sound level meter which includes a sound sensor to record the noise level caused by various sources. Our equipment measures decibels and sound pressure to determine an area’s noise level and help us determine its origin. This allows our team to assess your environment and its noise and sound pollution hazards. Once these tests are performed we can provide you with a remediation plan so you can take action and provide your building occupants with a safe environment.

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If you are concerned about noise and sound pollution in your residential or commercial property, call the specialists at M3 Environmental LLC. We can help you ensure your Monterey home or business is a comfortable and safe place to live and work.