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At M3 Environmental, we are skilled in testing, inspection, and consulting services for industries of all types. We help you provide cleaner, safer environments for government, education, law, real estate, manufacturing, insurance, retail and more.  

Government Municipality Consulting

Government Agencies & Municipalities

M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, CA is the company to see if you need environmental consulting for government agencies and municipalities. We are experienced in dealing with the types of ecological concerns and hazards government environmental agencies and local districts often encounter. A Wide Range of Issues Government agencies and municipalities are often concerned with […]
Architects &Amp; Engineers

Architects & Engineers

M3 Environmental LLC provides necessary environmental testing for architectural projects to prevent human contact with potentially dangerous contaminants commonly present at construction sites. Construction sites could contain unknown pollutants considered hazardous to human health. Industrial and commercial ecological safety regulations have changed as the world of building inspections and ecologically friendly building materials have advanced […]
Environmental Consulting For Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing

For comprehensive industrial and manufacturing environmental consulting, you can count on the expertise of M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, CA. We know the most common ecological struggles you face as manufacturing professionals. Whether you are moving towards a more green, eco-friendly business model or are simply trying to meet current industrial pollution safety standards, we […]
Consulting For Real Estate

Real Estate

M3 Environmental LLC provides environmental consulting for real estate professionals. You can rely on us to provide a fast and efficient inspection of buildings and properties for hazardous materials or contaminants. Whether refinancing, buying, or selling multi-family or commercial property, Phase 1 inspections will ensure that soil, groundwater, and surface water meet the American Society […]
Environmental Consulting For Schools

Schools & Universities

Located in Monterey, M3 Environmental LLC provides campus inspections and consulting for colleges and schools. We provide lead testing, school water quality testing, and testing for toxic mold in classrooms, as well as testing for other hazardous materials. Once detected, certified environmental engineers will develop a plan to remove and prevent such health and safety […]
Commercial Environmental Consulting

Apartments, Condos & HOAs

M3 Environmental LLC is the leader in providing environmental consulting and testing for apartments, condos, multi-family housing and Home Owner’s Associations in the Monterey, CA area. Our highly trained professionals test for lead, toxins, mold and fungus, asbestos, and other contaminations. Consulting for Contaminants Contaminants such as mold, lead, and asbestos are dangerous to human […]
Environmental Litigation Consulting

Attorneys, Law & Litigation

M3 Environmental LLC works with attorneys in Monterey and throughout California, providing environmental litigation consulting. Our stringent testing protocols and our decades of experience with environmental law make us a strong partner in your legal strategy. California attorneys trust us in preparing and defending legal claims surrounding environmental concerns. From testing to reporting to expert […]
Commercial Environmental Consulting

Commercial & Retail Businesses

M3 Environmental LLC provides environmental testing, inspection and consulting services for commercial and retail businesses throughout Monterey County, Northern California and California’s Central Coast. Whether you are concerned about asbestos, lead paint, mold, water intrusion or any other environmental hazard, we can help you. We have the knowledge, experience, and certifications to assist you with […]
Consulting For Insurance

Insurance Companies

M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, California, works hand-in-hand with insurance companies throughout Northern and Central California, to minimize up-front environmental risk, as well as to aid in the investigation and restoration of properties involved in a loss. Site Inspection and Testing When natural or man-made disasters occur to your insured’s residential or commercial property, our […]