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Building & Site Inspections

M3 Environmental Consulting in Monterey, California, can provide you with professional environmental testing & inspection of your commercial or residential building and property.  

Lead Paint Testing

Lead Paint Testing

As one of the Monterey areas foremost experts in lead paint testing, M3 Environmental Consulting is the team you want to perform environmental testing in your home or business. We specialize in detecting, assessing, and creating remediation plans for hazardous materials throughout Northern California. Lead paint can be a significant risk to the health of […]
Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments

Before you buy property, reduce the risk of investing in commercial real estate by requiring a property condition assessment (PCA) by M3 Environmental Engineering in Monterey, California. Assessing the value of commercial real estate property can be much more complex than appraising residential property and should be performed by highly trained and experienced commercial building […]
Foreclosure Property Assessment

Environmental Site Assessments For Foreclosure Properties

“It looks good” isn’t good enough to protect you from problems when buying a foreclosed property in Monterey. At M3 Environmental Consulting, we can help you meet the EPA standards and protect you from significant costs associated with CERLA through valuable foreclosure property environmental site assessments. Why Environmental Due Diligence At Foreclosure Matters Foreclosure due […]
Mudslide Contamination Testing

Mudslide Contamination Testing

M3 Environmental in Monterey, California has the tools and expertise necessary to make your home or business safe after a mudslide. The damage from the direct impact and flooding during a mudslide is noticeable, but the mud itself could contain hidden contaminants/toxins that present an array of health and environmental problems. Only mudslide contamination testing […]
Monterey Building Inspection

Building Inspections

Whether you are a buyer, seller, an existing property owner or a property manager of a residential or commercial building, M3 Environmental Consulting in Monterey County, California, can provide you with professional environmental inspection. If problems are noted during your inspection, testing will be performed, and a remediation plan recommended by our team of experienced […]
Phase 1 &-2 Inspection

Phase I & II Inspections

M3 Environmental Consulting is a leader in providing Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Inspections for commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties in Monterey, CA. Our Certified Environmental Inspectors provide comprehensive environmental assessment services to property owners, prospective property buyers, lending institutions, government agencies, and real estate brokers. We are here to help examine any […]
Popcorn Ceiling Monterey

Popcorn Ceiling Testing

If you are concerned with the possibility of asbestos in your Monterey area home, M3 Environmental Consulting will perform popcorn ceiling testing and provide remediation plans if any is found. We understand your desire to keep your family or workers safe in any home or commercial building you may own. In addition to residences and […]