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Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers

Architects &Amp; Engineers

M3 Environmental LLC provides necessary environmental testing for architectural projects to prevent human contact with potentially dangerous contaminants commonly present at construction sites. Construction sites could contain unknown pollutants considered hazardous to human health. Industrial and commercial ecological safety regulations have changed as the world of building inspections and ecologically friendly building materials have advanced towards healthier, safer living and working spaces.

Environmental Consulting For Architects & Engineers

At M3 Environmental LLC, we are your trusted environmental testing company serving both the northern and central California regions. We are certified to test all building sites and landscapes for your engineering and architectural needs. Architects and engineers are tasked with the responsibility of designing structures that are sturdy, safe, and reliable. These structures also need to be built on ground that is safe and using materials that are environmentally friendly. Our consulting and testing services include evaluation of  environmental hazards such as:

  • Mold
  • Asbestos
  • Lead Contamination
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality
  • Noise & Sound Pollution
  • Respirable Silica Dust
  • Volatile Organic Compounds

Mitigation & Remediation Plans

If you’ve hired a crew for an architectural project, then we’ll make sure that your employees are protected, and you are meeting OSHA safety standards. With environmental testing and consulting for residential and commercial properties, we provide all the necessary knowledge to alleviate any environmental hazards that could occur from poor planning, previous owners, or environmental disasters. Our experienced technicians are able to quickly assess an environmental issue and recommend the next best steps towards remediation.

Certified Industrial Hygienists

If you require environmental testing for your architectural project in the Monterey area, contact us today. Let M3 Environmental LLC assist in the environmental risk management options unique to your project. We serve the northern and central California regions testing for hazards and common mistakes related to improper environmental management or planning. Before or after the construction of your next investment property or commercial project, call us for your testing and consulting needs.