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School Air Testing

Testing For Better Indoor Air Quality In Schools

M3 Environmental can test the air in your school and help to ensure your indoor air quality (IAQ) is safe for students and staff to breathe. There are many benefits to hiring an environmental consulting company to perform IAQ testing at your preschool, daycare, K12 school, or university. Protect Staff & Student Health Control Humidity […]
Formaldehyde in the Workplace: Are You Safe?

Formaldehyde in the Workplace: Are You Safe?

Because it is a toxic chemical widely used in various industries, many workers are at risk of formaldehyde exposure. Employers that use this substance are legally required to have an exposure control plan in place, but even some workplaces that don’t directly work with formaldehyde can be problematic due to its presence in so many […]
Back To School Water Testing

Back To School Water Quality Testing

Make sure students have the best chance at health and the least chance of exposure to harmful substances with back-to-school water quality testing. A quick sip after gym, gulps between sports training sessions, and meal preparation — from daycare and preschool to k12 and university, kids of all ages come into contact with tap water […]
California Fire Air Quality

California Wildfires & Indoor Air Quality

During wildfire season, it’s normal to be concerned about your property, but have you thought about how smoky air affects your health? According to the California Air Resources Board, “Health problems related to wildfire smoke exposure can be as mild as eye and respiratory tract irritation and as serious as worsening of heart and lung […]
Mold growing In Crawl Space

You Might Have Mold In Your Crawl Space

There are over 1,000 types of molds out there. Depending on the variety, when they get into your home’s crawl spaces, they have the potential to cause both health problems and property damage. Spores can spread very quickly, so early detection is important. Protecting yourself and your property means learning. How does mold get into […]
VOCs Indoor Air Quality

How Long Do VOCs Last?

Although we often think of the word “organic” in a positive light, many Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, are harmful to our health. How can you keep these chemicals from causing problems like headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, skin conditions, and even cancers? Knowing how long VOCs last can help you reduce your exposure at […]
8 Plants That Can Clean Your Air

8 Plants That Can Clean Your Air

Cleaning products, air fresheners, paint, printers, carpets, furniture, cigarettes, and mold are just a few of the many sources of toxic air pollutants that quickly build up in homes and offices. Luckily, plants can offer a simple, natural, and cheap solution to low levels of indoor air pollution. Spider Plant Dragon Tree Bamboo Palm Rubber […]
Is It Seasonal Allergies Or Mold?

Is It Seasonal Allergies Or Mold?

Allergies can be mildly annoying at best and downright debilitating at worst. Pollen isn’t the only substance that can make your eyes itch and your nose sniffle, however. If you usually spend most of your time indoors while the flowers are in bloom but those pesky symptoms still won’t go away, there could be another […]
Renovating This Spring? Watch Out For Lead Paint

Renovating This Spring? Watch Out For Lead Paint

TV is full of sledgehammer-wielding home remodelers. Spring cleaning season and more time at home may have you tempted to tear down a few walls yourself. Before you jump into your next major overhaul, make sure you’re on the lookout for projects that may expose you to lead paint. Removing Interior Paint Removing Exterior Paint […]
Contaminated Drinking Water

The Worst Contaminants Found In Drinking Water

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to drink more water? As soon as you start researching healthier habits or visit your doctor for minor health complaints you get the same advice – drink more water. Staying hydrated helps you regulate body temperatures, lubricate joints, and remove toxins from your body naturally. According to the […]
Asbestos At Work

5 Signs You’re At Risk Of Asbestos At Work

Asbestos exposure in the workplace can be dangerous. But how can you tell if you’re at risk? At M3 Environmental in Monterey, California we regularly train commercial property owners, municipalities, general contractors, abatement contractors, and property management firms test for asbestos so they can keep their patrons and employees safe. With over twenty years of […]
Lead In California Homes

6 Sources Of Lead In The Home

Limit lead exposure at home by knowing where to look and what tools are available to ensure your health and safety. If you suspect you have a contamination issue in California, M3 Environmental in Monterey, California can help with thorough and professional lead inspections. Surprising Sources Of Lead Exposure Lead in your house can be […]