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Mold Exposure Sickness

Is Mold Making You Sick?

Mold exposure is hazardous to your health. It can cause various symptoms, such as respiratory problems, skin rashes, and headaches. In some cases, exposure can even lead to death. If you think you may have mold in your home, it’s imperative to have an inspection as soon as possible so that you can fix the […]
Boy Using 3D Printer

Can 3D Printers Affect Classroom Air Quality?

As 3D printers become more common in schools, educators and parents wonder if these machines could affect classroom air quality. In addition, studies have shown that these machines release tiny particles that could harm students’ health. So, should schools allow the use of this new technology? As long as the school board and administration take […]
Possible Lead Paint

Debunking 7 Common Lead Paint Myths

We all know lead is a highly toxic metal that can cause severe illness and even death. Unfortunately, over time, fact and myth have merged, resulting in much misinformation about paint poisoning. At M3 Environmental Engineering in Monterey, CA, we want our clients and website visitors to be able to separate fact from fiction. So, […]
Pool Water Testing

Dangerous Pool Bacteria & Germs

Are you a commercial pool owner looking to keep your guests safe and healthy? If so, you need to be aware of the dangers that could lurk in the water – even when it looks sparkling clean. Let’s discuss some of the most common pool germs, bacteria, and diseases. We’ll also provide tips for preventing […]
Your Spring Cleaning Mold Inspection Checklist

Your Spring Cleaning Mold Inspection Checklist

Springtime means it’s time for some much-needed cleaning around the house. But in addition to decluttering and deep-cleaning your home, spring is also the perfect time to check for mold and moisture problems. Read on for a quick checklist of places to visually check for mold and why professional testing for this irritating substance by […]
5 Ways Environmental Consulting Can Protect Your Business

5 Ways Environmental Consulting Can Protect Your Business

As a business owner, it is important to know the environmental legislation and regulations you need to comply with. Fortunately, the environmental consultants at M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey County, California can help you. Understanding Applicable Regulations Testing Your Business Property To Ensure Safety Evaluating Your Current Policies Resolving Problems & Non-Compliance Issues Creating A Plan For Your […]
Most Common Types Of Household Mold

Most Common Types Of Household Mold

Mold isn’t just unsightly, it can also be extremely dangerous if left untreated in your home, which is why it’s best to get the help of mold testing services offered by M3 Environmental in Monterey County, California. What is Household Mold? We’ve all seen what rotten food looks like when it grows spores and covers it […]
Environmental Testing After California Floods

Environmental Testing After California Floods

Floods are common throughout the state of California. If a flood occurs, the first priority once you and your family are safe is to evaluate the damage to your home and ensure it is a safe place to return to.  Cleaning presents a daunting enough undertaking on its own, but other dangers may also lurk unseen […]
How Can I Test My Home For Asbestos?

How Can I Test My Home For Asbestos?

Asbestos may not be the first thing you think of during a home improvement project, but it should be at the top of your list. This dangerous substance can be lurking in almost any room in your home and can cause long-term damage to your health. So, how do you know if you have asbestos […]
School Air Testing

Testing For Better Indoor Air Quality In Schools

M3 Environmental can test the air in your school and help to ensure your indoor air quality (IAQ) is safe for students and staff to breathe. There are many benefits to hiring an environmental consulting company to perform IAQ testing at your preschool, daycare, K12 school, or university. Protect Staff & Student Health Control Humidity […]
Formaldehyde In The Workplace: Are You Safe?

Formaldehyde in the Workplace: Are You Safe?

Because it is a toxic chemical widely used in various industries, many workers are at risk of formaldehyde exposure. Employers that use this substance are legally required to have an exposure control plan in place, but even some workplaces that don’t directly work with formaldehyde can be problematic due to its presence in so many […]
Back To School Water Testing

Back To School Water Quality Testing

Make sure students have the best chance at health and the least chance of exposure to harmful substances with back-to-school water quality testing. A quick sip after gym, gulps between sports training sessions, and meal preparation — from daycare and preschool to k12 and university, kids of all ages come into contact with tap water […]