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Prevent Mold In Your California Home

Prevent Mold In Your California Home

Mold Prevention

Whether your worries are about general humidity, a recent leak, or purchasing some beachfront real estate, at M3 Environmental LLC of Monterey, we have some tips and tricks that just might help you prevent mold in your California home. Mold, mildew, fungus, whatever you call it, you don’t want it growing in your house. Just like any other pest, prevention is key. And early action can save you time, money, and health. Let us show you how.

Moisture In Your California Home

Our warm climates and proximity to the water makes California a great place to live. Unfortunately, mold and fungus agree. Wet and warmth are the perfect combination for mold growth. You don’t have to have a house near the ocean to be at risk of property damage from mold. You just need three ingredients: warmth, damp, and a food source which can be anything organic like wood, paper, or cardboard for example.

Where Should I Check For Mold?

Now that you know what it takes to grow mold. You probably have some idea of places mold might like to grow in your home or circumstances that would encourage mold growth there. Here are a few more suggestions to help you prevent mold in your California home:

  • Quickly check for, fix, and dry out leaks, even small ones.
  • Check damp, musty-smelling areas like basements and crawlspaces.
  • Frequently wipe down condensation from windowsills.
  • Ventilate humid rooms or use a dehumidifier.
  • Air out and rotate stacks of boxes and books.
  • Keep roofs, doorframe, and windowsills free of leaf debris.

The Health Risks Of Mold In Homes

While complications from toxic mold or black mold can be more serious in sensitive individuals, many people are allergic to mold. It can trigger allergies or asthma, literally taking your breath away. Don’t risk the discomfort or the expensive allergist bills. Stop an infestation in its tracks with preventative measures.

Professional Mold Testing In Monterey

If you’re worried that you might already have mold in your California home, we can help either give you peace of mind or confirmation of your suspicions so that you can take action to clean things up. At M3 Environmental LLC, we provide professional mold testing throughout the Monterey, CA area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.