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Testing Water Leaks For Mold Exposure

Testing Water Leaks For Mold Exposure

Water Leaks Ceiling

When you need to test areas around water leaks for mold exposure, trust M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, California. Our experienced team of professionals has the tools and training to diagnose your moisture and mold problems. No matter how old or hidden, we can find the source, assess the situation and give you expert guidance on how to fix any problems we uncover.

Why Test Leaky Areas?

Like any fungus, mold thrives in damp, humid environments. Water damage virtually guarantees that mold has started to grow, whether you can detect it yet or not. Water leaks (a leak in the ceiling, broken pipes, and a leaky roof) are a common culprit for hidden or ignored water damage.

Fixing the leak will cut off the mold’s moisture supply and prevent new mold from growing — a crucial step in eliminating the problem. Ignoring the leak will only allow mold to grow and flourish, creating a bigger eyesore. The longer mold is left alone, the greater the risk it poses to your family’s health. That’s why it’s important to test for mold at the first signs of water damage or suspicion of a leak.

Signs Of Mold In Your House

Basements and bathrooms are typical breeding grounds for mold, but it can take root any place where moisture collects. Your home could have hidden mold in the walls or under your floors. Look out for these signs of mold in your home. Tenants, contact your landlord immediately if you spot any of these.

  • Black Spots
  • Bulging, Warped Or Bowed Wall Or Ceiling
  • Condensation On Metal Pipes, Windows, & Other Glass Surfaces
  • Discoloration
  • A Musty Smell
  • Peeling, Bubbling Or Cracking Paint

Symptoms Of Mold Exposure

While mold itself isn’t poisonous, it can produce allergens and toxins that pose significant health risks to your family. Sometimes, these reactions are your first clue that something is wrong. People who are allergic to mold will have stronger reactions than those who aren’t. Here are some of the most common mold exposure symptoms:

  • Coughing
  • Itchy, Red, Watery Eyes
  • Rash
  • Runny Or Stuffy Nose
  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing

Protect Your Property Value

Aside from genuine health risks, mold destroys the value of your property. No one will want to buy or rent from you if they find mold growing inside of your building. Testing for mold and making the necessary repairs gives your property a better chance of attracting buyers or tenants. Your insurance or home warranty may cover the cost of plumbing repairs, so there’s little reason not to invest in a mold inspection.

Get Testing In California Today

Interested in mold testing services in Monterey? Contact us at M3 Environmental LLC today to get your quote. If you’ve had a plumbing emergency or flood, don’t wait. Even small water leaks can encourage mold growth. Let us help you with professional testing.