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You Might Have Mold In Your Crawl Space

You Might Have Mold In Your Crawl Space

Mold Growing In Crawl Space

There are over 1,000 types of molds out there. Depending on the variety, when they get into your home’s crawl spaces, they have the potential to cause both health problems and property damage. Spores can spread very quickly, so early detection is important.

Protecting yourself and your property means learning.

  • How does mold get into a crawl space?
  • What problems can it cause?
  • What are some signs you have an infestation?
  • How can you get rid of it safely?
  • How can you make sure it’s really gone from your crawl space?

How Did Mold Get In Here?

While fungus is everywhere, indoors and outdoors, it usually doesn’t start to cause unless there are conditions that allow it to grow. Crawl spaces are prone to moisture, which makes them also prone to mold. To prevent an infestation, humidity, leaks, floods, and other water sources need to be addressed quickly and completely.

There are a few tell-tale signs that you might have an issue with, but a professional inspection is your best bet for uncovering hidden mold in a crawl space.

  • Visible Fungal Spores Or Spots Of Growth
  • Unidentified Unpleasant Odors & Musty Smells
  • Chronic Health Issues & Allergy Symptoms
  • New Structural Damages Around The Crawl Space

What’s That Smell?

If you’re starting to notice an unidentified musty smell, especially as things get warm and humid in spring and summer, you might want to check your crawl space. Small areas like this that are used for storage or left closed for weeks or months at a time can quickly become home to rot, mildew, and mold.

Allergies That Don’t Seem To Go Away

If you are allergic to mold, the growth of it in your home can make you miserable. Spores in a crawl space quickly spread through the air and HVAC system. Allergic reactions are similar to upper respiratory infections, such as a runny nose, sneezing, cough, itchy nose and eyes, and a sore throat.

Toxic mold syndrome is caused by exposure to toxic forms of fungi. It can cause serious health problems such as memory loss, confusion, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, loss of appetite, and even anxiety and depression.

Home Damages Around The Crawl Space

Mold can cause materials in your home to deteriorate. Your first signs of an infestation may be damages around your crawl space – such as drywall rot, warped wooden floors and beams, and damage to wallpaper and carpets.

If mold is in your crawl space, it won’t take long before it spreads to the rest of the house.

Call Us Today For Mold Removal

Breathe a little easier. If you suspect you might have a mold problem in your Monterey area home’s crawl space, contact us at M3 Environmental for an inspection and testing service. We can identify if there is mold that needs to be removed, provide professional remediation plans for your contractor of choice, and perform post-removal testing to make sure it’s gone.