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Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Soil Testing Monterey

M3 Environmental LLC offers soil testing services in Monterey, California. We work quickly to expedite site characterization and remediation. Land can become contaminated due to industrial activities, chemicals from agriculture, or improper waste disposal. With our environmental soil analysis, we can determine if there are any possible contaminants in the surrounding dirt such as:

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Pesticides
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium

Health Risks Associated With Soil Contamination

The main concern over soil contamination is the risk to human and environmental health. If the area in question has previously encountered any fertilizers, pesticides, lead paint, industrial activity, automobile or machine repair, fire damage, or high traffic, you may want to consider having a soil analysis performed. If you’re concerned about contamination, testing is the best way to ease your mind and answer any of the questions you may have.

Environmental Soil Analysis For Industry

Soil contamination occurs when human-made chemicals are present in the dirt and ground. Some manufacturing industries are at risk of contaminating the areas surrounding their facilities. At M3 Environmental LLC, we perform site investigations, which would involve testing of the soil and other possibly contaminated environmental factors. If you’re building or renovating on an urban site that was previously used by or is near industrial areas or manufacturing, you may want to have a soil analysis performed to rule out the presence of lead or other potentially dangerous contaminants.

Soil Testing & Gardening

Soil conditions should be considered whenever choosing a site for urban agriculture. An environmental soil analysis is suggested if you’re planning on planting a garden, especially in an urban area where industrial activities may have previously occurred. It’s tough to know what has taken place over the years and what contaminants have been left behind. Unauthorized dumping, heavy traffic, construction, or even nearby buildings where lead paint had been applied can all contribute to contamination. The soil where your garden will grow should be thoroughly tested for any dangerous toxins.

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M3 Environmental LLC can provide soil testing and sampling in Monterey, California. If you’re concerned about possible soil contamination, contact us today and we can perform soil sampling and analysis to ensure there are no toxins present.