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Water Sampling for Childcare Facilities

Water Sampling for Childcare Facilities

Water Sampling For Childcare Facilities

As a daycare owner or manager, you want to ensure that the children who come to your facility remain safe and secure every moment while in your care. You must juggle employee background checks, building and playground equipment maintenance, and food safety to keep them safe. However, you may not have considered the water quality that your kids and staff drink throughout the day. Water sampling allows you to identify and resolve the following issues in your daycare water supply before they become liabilities.

  • Lead Contamination
  • Microbial Or Chemical Contamination
  • Taste and Odor Problems
  • Corrosion and Scaling

Is There Lead In Your Daycare’s Water?

Lead is one of the most concerning contaminants because it is incredibly toxic to small children, even in tiny doses. It’s usually found in old pipes and fixtures and can leak into the water supply if left untreated. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention give a few ways lead exposure harms children.

  • Causes Brain and Nervous System Damage
  • Causes Speech and Hearing Problems
  • May Lead to Behavior Problems
  • Can Result In Learning Disabilities

Microbes and Chemicals Can Make Kids Sick

Even when purification systems are in place, accidents can still happen, allowing invisible bacteria, protozoa, or viruses to penetrate the supply and make people sick. If someone drinks contaminated water long enough, serious health issues can arise. So it’s imperative to monitor the health of your drinking supply so that you can promptly correct any deficiencies.

Yucky Water? The Kids Could Be Right!

If the kids under your care have complained that the water tastes yucky, it might not be a matter of them just being picky. Poor-tasting or smelly water might not seem like a serious concern, but it can indicate a harmful underlying issue. Annual water testing checks for common problems such as corrosion, discoloration, and strange tastes or smells — all signs that bacteria or other contaminants could be present.

Safe Drinking Water Starts With Good Plumbing

As a childcare provider, you know maintenance is critical for keeping a safe and healthy environment. Regular maintenance ensures all your plumbing pipes and fixtures are in good condition too! Without it, corrosion and scaling from mineral deposits can develop over time. This means it’s wise to have your plumbing inspected periodically by a plumber. Water supply testing can also identify hidden plumbing issues deep inside the walls or underground.

How Safe is Your Facility’s Water?

Regular testing can help keep kids safe and prevent liability issues caused by a contaminated drinking supply. M3 Environmental Services in Monterey County offers comprehensive water sampling for childcare facilities. Protect your kids and your business by scheduling with us today.