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Inspection & Testing

M3 Environmental provides a wide variety of environmental testing and inspection services including testing of ground and surface water, silica dust, arsenic, carcinogen, pesticide, coliform, black mold, and much more.  

Coliform Testing

Coliform Testing

Having clean water isn’t something we normally have to worry about much. In fact, we probably take it for granted. We know that when we turn on our faucet, clean, safe, drinkable water will come out. Having said that, millions of Americans get their drinking water from private wells. Having a private well means that […]
Popcorn Ceiling Monterey

Popcorn Ceiling Testing

If you are concerned with the possibility of asbestos in your Monterey area home, M3 Environmental LLC will perform popcorn ceiling testing and provide remediation plans if any is found. We understand your desire to keep your family or workers safe in any home or commercial building you may own. In addition to residences and […]
Hazardous Waste Monterey

Hazardous Waste Testing

For hazardous waste inspection and testing in Monterey, count on the experts at M3 Environmental LLC. We provide full-service environmental assessment and remediation plan development for California properties affected by hazardous materials, including asbestos, lead, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), and microbial contaminants. All of these substances are known to present health risks. If you suspect that […]
Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

M3 Environmental LLC offers air quality testing for industrial facilities as well as home and business owners in Monterey, California and the surrounding areas. Our job is to examine the atmosphere in your home or business and make recommendations regarding improvements to guarantee the quality of the air you are breathing. We offer an unbiased […]
Indoor Air Testing

Indoor Air Quality Testing

At M3 Environmental LLC, based in Monterey, California, we are experts in the field of indoor air quality testing. We possess all of the qualifications and certifications required by both the state of California and the EPA to perform proper testing and consulting. If you know the importance of air quality, then you’ll know why […]
Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments

Before you buy property, reduce the risk of investing in commercial real estate by requiring a property condition assessment (PCA) by M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, California. Assessing the value of commercial real estate property can be much more complex than appraising residential property and should be performed by highly trained and experienced commercial building […]
Indoor Water Testing Monterey

Water Testing

Since your drinking water is essential to your overall well-being, M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey can set your mind at ease through accurate indoor water testing. Private Well Water Testing & Inspection Drinking water sourced from a private well is of particular concern and should be tested annually. While public water supplies are subject to […]
Drinking Water Testing

Drinking Water Testing

The safety of drinking water has become a large public safety concern in the last few years and M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey is leading the way when it comes to testing. We can ensure our clients have peace of mind when it comes to the water they drink. Water can look and taste clean […]
Water Pathogen

Water Pathogen Testing

Water is the essence of life, but its sources can sometimes become contaminated requiring water pathogen testing by your Monterey testing professionals at M3 Environmental LLC. We can inspect, sample and test your water for pathogens to help you make sure it is not, in fact, robbing you or those around you of your health […]
Storm Water Testing Monterey

Storm Water Testing

M3 Environmental LLC provides stormwater testing services in Monterey, CA and the surrounding areas. Storm and floodwater has become a known source of dangerous pollution in expanding urban areas. A variety of harmful bacteria and other contaminants can be found in storm or flood water runoff and they frequently make their way to lakes, streams, […]
Water Intrusion Management

Water Intrusion Management

M3 Environmental LLC provides water intrusion management and testing for commercial property owners, property managers, construction companies, and builders throughout the State of California. Based in Monterey, we develop water intrusion management programs and perform water intrusion testing on new construction projects and buildings undergoing repairs or renovations. Water Intrusion Management Plan It is important […]
Ground Water Testing

Groundwater & Surface Water Testing

Protect your property with groundwater and surface water testing from your Monterey, CA water testing professionals, M3 Environmental LLC. Small shifts in the quality of water in our wells, streams, and aquifers that feed them can have big impacts on our health and environment. Property values, human and animal welfare, plant life, and overall opinion […]