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Inspection & Testing

M3 Environmental provides a wide variety of testing and inspection services including testing of ground and surface water, silica dust, arsenic, carcinogen, pesticide, coliform, black mold, and much more.  

Foreclosure Property Assessment

Environmental Site Assessments For Foreclosure Properties

“It looks good” isn’t good enough to protect you from problems when buying a foreclosed property in Monterey. At M3 Environmental LLC, we can help you meet the EPA standards and protect you from significant costs associated with CERLA through valuable foreclosure property environmental site assessments. Why Environmental Due Diligence At Foreclosure Matters Foreclosure due […]
Water Intrusion Management

Water Intrusion Management

M3 Environmental LLC provides water intrusion management and testing for commercial property owners, property managers, construction companies, and builders throughout the State of California. Based in Monterey, we develop water intrusion management programs and perform water intrusion testing on new construction projects and buildings undergoing repairs or renovations. Water Intrusion Management Plan It is important […]
Storm Water Testing Monterey

Storm Water Testing

M3 Environmental LLC provides stormwater testing services in Monterey, CA and the surrounding areas. Storm and floodwater has become a known source of dangerous pollution in expanding urban areas. A variety of harmful bacteria and other contaminants can be found in storm or flood water runoff and they frequently make their way to lakes, streams, […]
Indoor Water Testing Monterey

Water Testing

Since your drinking water is essential to your overall well-being, M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey can set your mind at ease through accurate indoor water testing. Private Well Water Testing & Inspection Drinking water sourced from a private well is of particular concern and should be tested annually. While public water supplies are subject to […]
Storm Water

Stormwater Management

M3 Environmental LLC offers stormwater management services to the Monterey and surrounding California areas. We offer stormwater management plans, stormwater management designs, permit applications, and inspections. Whether you are deciding to manage stormwater runoffs due to your concerns for the environment, you are developing a new construction site, or you are attempting to become compliant […]
Ground Water Testing

Groundwater & Surface Water Testing

Protect your property with groundwater and surface water testing from your Monterey, CA water testing professionals, M3 Environmental LLC. Small shifts in the quality of water in our wells, streams, and aquifers that feed them can have big impacts on our health and environment. Property values, human and animal welfare, plant life, and overall opinion […]
Mudslide Contamination Testing

Mudslide Contamination Testing

M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, California has the tools and expertise necessary to make your home or business safe after a mudslide. The damage from the direct impact and flooding during a mudslide is noticeable, but the mud itself could contain hidden contaminants/toxins that present an array of health and environmental problems. Only mudslide contamination […]
Odor Testing Monterey

Odor Testing & Detection

Let us uncover the source of those mystery odors in your Monterey area home or office with odor testing and detection by M3 Environmental LLC. Unidentified smells can seem like a little annoyance. Sometimes they are actually chemical signals that there are potentially harmful substances in your environment. Finding the cause behind the smell can […]
Monterey Building Inspection

Building Inspections

Whether you are a buyer, seller, an existing owner, or a property manager of a residential or commercial building, M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey County, California, can provide you with a professional environmental inspection. If problems are noted during your inspection, testing will be performed, and a remediation plan recommended by our team of experienced […]
Phase 1 &-2 Inspection

Phase I & II Inspections

M3 Environmental LLC is a leader in providing Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Inspections for commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties in Monterey, CA. Our Certified Environmental Inspectors provide comprehensive environmental assessment services to property owners, prospective property buyers, lending institutions, government agencies, and real estate brokers. We are here to help examine any […]
silica dust

Silica Dust Testing

To protect your workers and your worksite from the dangers of silicosis, count on M3 Environmental LLC of Monterey for professional silica dust testing. We know that this small dust particle can cause big problems when it comes to employee safety, productivity, and your bottom line. We make sure you’re meeting OSHA, MSHA, and NIOSH […]
Testing For Volatile Organic Chemicals

Testing For Volatile Organic Compounds

If you are in need of testing for volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in Monterey, we, at M3 Environmental LLC, are here for you. VOC’s emit gases from certain materials regardless if they’re a solid or a liquid or inside a closed container. When it comes to hazardous material exposure, it’s crucial to obtain assistance from […]