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Inspection & Testing

M3 Environmental provides a wide variety of environmental testing and inspection services including testing of ground and surface water, silica dust, arsenic, carcinogen, pesticide, coliform, black mold, and much more.  

Ground Water Testing

Groundwater & Surface Water Testing

Protect your property with groundwater and surface water testing from your Monterey, CA water testing professionals, M3 Environmental LLC. Small shifts in the quality of water in our wells, streams, and aquifers that feed them can have big impacts on our health and environment. Property values, human and animal welfare, plant life, and overall opinion […]
Winery Agriculture Testing

Agricultural Runoff & Winery Waste Testing

Reduce environmental impact and protect your business with agricultural runoff and winery waste testing from M3 Environmental. It’s inevitable, most types of farming will produce wastewater. To ensure the profitability and sustainability of your business, it’s important to keep soils healthy. You also want to comply with government pollution standards and regulations. Professional soil and […]
Soil Testing Monterey

Soil Testing

M3 Environmental LLC offers soil testing services in Monterey, California. We work quickly to expedite site characterization and remediation. Land can become contaminated due to industrial activities, chemicals from agriculture, or improper waste disposal. With our environmental soil analysis, we can determine if there are any possible contaminants in the surrounding dirt such as: Arsenic […]
Mudslide Contamination Testing

Mudslide Contamination Testing

M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey, California has the tools and expertise necessary to make your home or business safe after a mudslide. The damage from the direct impact and flooding during a mudslide is noticeable, but the mud itself could contain hidden contaminants/toxins that present an array of health and environmental problems. Only mudslide contamination […]
Flooring Testing Monterey

Flooring Testing

M3 Environmental LLC is your number one source for flooring testing and inspection in the greater Monterey area. We not only test homes, but we also specialize in the inspection of commercial and government buildings. Flooring Inspection & Testing For Your Home Most people do not realize the number of harmful chemicals found in flooring, […]
Industrial Fire Explosion Inspection

Industrial Fire & Explosion Inspection

For industrial fire and explosion inspections count on M3 Environmental LLC in the Monterey County, California area. We are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to industrial safety consulting and prevention of fires and explosions. Protect your workers and your investment today through a thorough industrial fire and explosion safety inspection. Preventing Industrial Fires Industrial […]
Foreclosure Property Assessment

Environmental Site Assessments For Foreclosure Properties

“It looks good” isn’t good enough to protect you from problems when buying a foreclosed property in Monterey. At M3 Environmental LLC, we can help you meet the EPA standards and protect you from significant costs associated with CERLA through valuable foreclosure property environmental site assessments. Why Environmental Due Diligence At Foreclosure Matters Foreclosure due […]
Monterey Building Inspection

Building Inspections

Whether you are a buyer, seller, an existing owner, or a property manager of a residential or commercial building, M3 Environmental LLC in Monterey County, California, can provide you with a professional environmental building inspection. If problems are noted during your inspection, testing will be performed, and a remediation plan recommended by our team of […]
Odor Testing Monterey

Odor Testing & Detection

Let us uncover the source of those mystery odors in your Monterey area home or office with odor testing and detection by M3 Environmental LLC. Unidentified smells can seem like a little annoyance. Sometimes they are actually chemical signals that there are potentially harmful substances in your environment. Finding the cause behind the smell can […]
Phase 1 &Amp;-2 Inspection

Phase I & II Inspections

M3 Environmental LLC is a leading provider of Environmental Site Inspections (both Phase I and II) in the Monterey, California area. Our experts carry out inspections for commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties. Comprehensive Environmental Site Inspections Our certified inspectors are qualified to perform comprehensive environmental assessment services when you need them. Property Owners Prospective […]
Smoke Damage Assessments Monterey (1)

Wildfire Smoke Damage Assessment

If your property has been affected by California wildfires, contact M3 Environmental for a wildfire smoke damage assessment. We receive a lot of concerns from clients who just have questions about smoke damage in general, like “the homes or businesses around me were damaged, but not mine – should I still be worried?” or “It’s […]
Fire Stain

Combustion Byproduct Testing

At M3 Environmental LLC, we provide professional combustion byproduct testing to homes and businesses in Monterey, California and the surrounding areas. Are you are noticing mysterious black or gray stains on walls or buildings around your property? Maybe you are filing a claim with insurance for fire damage and need professional fire residue testing. We […]